Get To Know Team MG

Welcome Team MG!

We hope you’re out enjoying your horses like we are. Have you ever been curious about how I became a horse trainer, champion colt starter, and #1 gaited horse trainer in the world?

Hint: it wasn’t a direct path. I took a couple of twists and turns before I made my way to where I am today. Like when I work with horses, I prefer to look forward and haven’t shared this story broadly, but many of you have been asking to find out how Team MG came to be – so I decided it’s time!

In this 20-minute video, we dive into it all: how I went from being an engineer on a ship out at sea, to competing at championships, to finding the bravery to quit my job to pursue my purpose as a horse trainer. You’ll also learn how I met Kelsey, the person behind all of the videos, all about her passions (trick riding!), and how instrumental she is to your experience at Team MG.

I hope you enjoy!



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  1. I love the positive can do attitude! You are so right! All aspects of your life can and will change with positive thoughts. I am here by myself to work with my horse but with TEAM MG I will not be alone. I will be watching and learning . Try, try and try again until my horse and I succeed. THANK YOU

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