By changing the way people think and work with their horses, we believe that our horse training system inside the Team MG Members' Club allows YOU to speak the "Language Of The Horse." Our system works on any breed, age, or training problem and gets you real results!

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- Candance P

"I am so hooked!!! Please, please, please keep em' coming! This has been the motivation I need to get out there and try. My horse and I are both learning so much. Without your help and instruction, I wouldn't know where to begin. Thank you!!!"


Create Mutual Respect

The foundation for all work is respect. We'll teach you our easy to follow system that we use on every horse to evaluate and get your horse to listen to you.


Learn what to do with your horse when you come up to an obstacle. From setting your own obstacle, to desensitize, to tricks, we'll help get you between, over, or under it within no time.

Safe Trail Riding

We'll teach you the right way to trail ride alone or in groups so you can have a fun riding experience with your four-legged friend.

Ground Work

Learn groundwork to make handling your horse a breeze! From basic tying, to trailer loading, we'll help you create a horse so friendly that your kid will handle them.


Ever watched in awe as a horse moves, almost in unison with their owner preforming freely at their own will? We can help you create this special bond with your horse.

Horse Care

Whether your prepping for the show ring, or just want to pamper your horse, we share dozens of tips and tricks to make your horse sparkle and shine.

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I have truly enjoyed each and every day and have been learning a lot and taking it down to the barn and applying it with my horses. It helps keep you motivated when you have somebody who checks in on you daily. It’s so greatly appreciated!

Roxanne S.

I look forward to watching a new video and learning every day!!! I have so much I want to work on with my horses and have made so much progress in just a few weeks!!!

Darla M.

I feel other horse lovers NEED this 1-on-1 compassion, direction, and correction to help us understand the animal we love to spend time with!

Rhonda W.

This group has been EXTREMELY helpful and insightful…absolutely no other trainer is offering sessions like this. Michael makes it so very easy to understand. This has changed my way of looking at how a horse thinks... I was over thinking everything…Michael is a horsemanship genius!

Dawn H.

I am so hooked!!! Please, please, please keep ‘em coing! This has been motivation I need to get out there and try. My horse and I are both learning so much. Without your help and instruction, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Thank you!!!

Candace P.

This has been incredible. NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS, and you’re revolutionizing the industry in how you’re reaching and helping people!

Brittany W.

I have learned so much from all of these amazing videos! I loved learning how to deal with my mares backing up problems. I love how Michael makes training our horses so much fun! I’m excited to get out on the trails and try what he has taught us out in the trails with our horses.

Debbie M.

I'm Michael Gascon. I'm a 5th-generation world-renowned horse trainer, and after countless mistakes, a myriad of obstacles, and quite a few “experts” saying my methods would never work... Today, I share my story to people struggling with their horses, so that maybe they could be inspired by it...

My training methods have given tens-of-thousands of people a direct, no B.S. guide to training their horse to create more confidence, more fulfillment, and more enjoyable times with their four-legged friends.

Too many times, I see people wasting time spending thousands of dollars on fancy equipment, signing up for pointless courses and a few months down the road… they’re exactly where they were at the start.

I specifically crafted this program to eliminate the guesswork, and rid of the sleepless nights full of stress due to an un-safe relationship with your horse.

Let Team MG guide the way to a higher quality of life for you and your horse.