say goodbye

to your spooky, unpredictable, or dangerous horse!

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Do you wish your horse was more

relaxed and confident?

Riding a horse that is nervous in its surroundings is never fun - for you or your horse. And it isn't safe or productive.

Nervousness can reduce performance, increase anxious feelings, and even lead to injury.

We need our horses to achieve confidence through their respect and trust for us.


Imagine this:

In just 30 days from now, you head to the barn for a quick ride. You get there, tack up, and just... go. No drama. No spooking. No lunging for hours just to get your horse to pay attention to you just so you can get a few moments of greatness.

Just a calm and confident ride, right from the start.

What if i told you there was a fast, simple way to get respect from your horse so you can finally reach your riding goals?

A way for you to:

  • Build confidence with ANY horse

  • Stop investing in training that isn't advancing your riding

  • Reduce money spent on gimmicks and equipment that don't work

  • Eliminate the guesswork and sleepless nights full of stress from an un-safe horse

  • FINALLY enjoy your rides on your horse and achieve maximum performance

Michael Gascon With Sitting Horse & Dog

Despite what many people say,

You DON'T need to be a professional trainer or wrangler to realize your horse's full potential.

You just need to learn

The Language Of The Horse

(and we'll teach it to you in the Horse Help Club).

Most people with spooky or nervous horses try to wear out their horses with lunging, medications, or heavy riding and then force them into a scary situation they're not ready for.

And then they wonder why their horses are still bad!

Good horsemen and horsewomen don't dull their horses out.

They teach them to be confident and curious in any situation, regardless of whether they're tired or not by communicating with the horse in the horse's language.

Good horsemen and horsewomen require that their horses are totally focused on them and ready to learn and work - in any situation.

Are you ready to have a happy, confident horse?

Join the Horse Help Club to learn The Language Of The Horse today!

Meet Your Guide, Michael Gascon - The Horse Guru

Meet Michael Gascon

Hi, I'm Michael Gascon,

I'm a 5th-generation, world-renowned horse trainer. My training methods have given tens-of-thousands of people a direct, no B.S. guide to training their horse to create more confidence, more fulfillment, and more enjoyable times with their four-legged friends.

As riders, we all want our horses to achieve their potential, but many people struggle with the process to get there.

I created The Team MG Members' Club to help you achieve maximum performance, relaxation, and focus by teaching you The Language Of The Horse.

Get ready to enjoy:

  • No-Stress Trail Rides
  • Relaxed and Confident Horses, Ready To Learn With You
  • FUN with your horse again - like when you were a kid!
  • Confidence in yourself and your Equine Knowledge

From pony to Percheron, The Team MG Members' Club is built for all horses, breeds, and disciplines!

The only requirement? The desire to learn more and have FUN with your horse.

I can't wait to see you over there!



p.s. check out what just a few of our members have to say about working through our program below...

Here's What's Included In your membership

For just $19.99 a month, get VIP access to ALL of this learning in The Horse Help Membership Club...
The RESPECT Series

The foundation of everything we do in the Horse Help Club.

Learn the secrets to gaining respect from your horse starting from the ground. If your horse can't pass each grade level, then don't move on to the next or ride until you know that you have full respect from your equine partner.

CTHCTH series

Also known as, Control The Head, Control The Horse.

Once you've gained respect from your horse, we'll help you add some useful skills and maneuvers to your educational toolbox to help you navigate the unknown.

Trail series

Let's hit the trails! This series of videos will cover common and not so common issues that you may have on the trail with your horse. Overcoming any obstacle and having a safe, relaxing trail ride on any horse is the goal of this series. 

Performance Series

Now that you and your horse have fixed any issues that you were having and your confidence is booming, let's take it to the next level! 

Liberty Series

Establish the ultimate relationship between you and your horse and learn to work with your horse at liberty!

Groundwork Series

Keep building from the Respect Series! Use these exercises to continue advancing your confidence and comfort level from out of the saddle. 

Confidence Series

We all have our comfort zones with horses. Use this series to discover ways to achieve the confidence and ability level you want to have with your horse to safely reach all of your goals! 

Colt Starting Series

From the 1st day under saddle to making their way home to their owner, this series will cover the ins and the outs of getting your horse through the colt starting process. 

Trick Series

This series covers fun tricks that YOU can teach your horse. Whether you want to perform at liberty or just show off cool tricks to your friends, we'll show you how to teach your horse fun tricks, like lying down, sitting, and more!

Driving Series

That's right, ANY breed can become a driving horse! Check out this series to learn the steps in making this a possibility for your horse! 

Gaited Series

No matter what breed of gaited horse you may have or what you end goal may be (trails vs. showing), this series is designed to help you get yourself and your horse gaiting comfortably and confidently, going anywhere, and doing it all in anything from a MG halter to more advanced bits for gait refinement and showing. 


Find the motivation needed to try these training methods yourself to see real results in the first video!
  • Watch Video Samples

We owe it to our horses to make them happy, safe, and fun.

  • Set your horse up for success, no matter where life takes them
  • Help your horse gain confidence in as little as the next 30 days
  • Create a partnership with your horse that will improve both of your performance

Get More Access With Our Elite Membership package

For $49.99 a month, get all of the benefits of the VIP Club PLUS...
  • Product Discounts

    10% off all MG tack & merchandise

  • Real-Time Assistance

    Receive training advice and support via Live Chat

  • Personal Video Analysis

    Video submissions for 1-on-1 feedback, tips, and helpful videos

  • FREE Event Tickets (2x/year)

    Bring as many friends as you want to 2 of our clinics or tour stops

  • Video Topic Requests

    Submit new training topics for us to make a video of!

  • Private Facebook Group

    Enjoy the support of a private Community of like-minded horse enthusiasts!


I have truly enjoyed each and every day and have been learning a lot and taking it down to the barn and applying it with my horses. It helps keep you motivated when you have somebody who checks in on you daily. It’s so greatly appreciated!

Roxanne S.

I look forward to watching a new video and learning every day!!! I have so much I want to work on with my horses and have made so much progress in just a few weeks!!!

Darla M.

I feel other horse lovers NEED this 1-on-1 compassion, direction, and correction to help us understand the animal we love to spend time with!

Rhonda W.

This group has been EXTREMELY helpful and insightful…absolutely no other trainer is offering sessions like this. Michael makes it so very easy to understand. This has changed my way of looking at how a horse thinks... I was over thinking everything…Michael is a horsemanship genius!

Dawn H.

I am so hooked!!! Please, please, please keep ‘em coing! This has been motivation I need to get out there and try. My horse and I are both learning so much. Without your help and instruction, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Thank you!!!

Candace P.

This has been incredible. NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS, and you’re revolutionizing the industry in how you’re reaching and helping people!

Brittany W.

I have learned so much from all of these amazing videos! I loved learning how to deal with my mares backing up problems. I love how Michael makes training our horses so much fun! I’m excited to get out on the trails and try what he has taught us out in the trails with our horses.

Debbie M.

Ready to get started?

Become an expert with our Gasconite Membership package

For $99.99 a month, get all of the benefits of the Elite Club PLUS...
  • Huge Product Discounts

    20% off all MG tack & merchandise

  • Welcome Apparel Package

    Get your own t-shirt, hat, and koozie

  • Personal Video Analysis

    Video submissions for 1-on-1 feedback, tips, and helpful videos

  • Unlimited Event Tickets

    Bring as many friends as you want to 1 of our clinics or tour stops

  • End Of Year Party Invite

    Join the Elite Gasconites here at our ranch in MS for an amazing party

  • Private Retreats Priority

    No wait opportunities for horse training & public/private retreats

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