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Get ready to finally get the horse of your dreams with our 30-day Horse Help Challenge

What can you and your horse accomplish in A month?

Despite what the conventional wisdom says, A LOT more than you probably think:
  • Gain respect and trainability from your horse
  • Teach your horse tricks, like the lie down
  • Improve performance and fitness of your horse
  • Get unshakeable confidence to acheive your goals
  • Most importantly, have fun with your horse again!

the horse help challenge
starts September 1

30 days to unshakeable confidence with your horse and their training. Join this incredible group of people working to improve their relationship with their horse.
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30-Days To A Better Horse

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  • Weekly LIVE demonstrations & Q&A with The Horse Guru, Michael Gascon
  • Exclusive Horse Help Challenge Community
  • Daily & Weekly Tasks to Take Your Horse To The Next Level


I have truly enjoyed each and every day and have been learning a lot and taking it down to the barn and applying it with my horses. It helps keep you motivated when you have somebody who checks in on you daily. It’s so greatly appreciated!

Roxanne S.

I look forward to watching a new video and learning every day!!! I have so much I want to work on with my horses and have made so much progress in just a few weeks!!!

Darla M.

I feel other horse lovers NEED this 1-on-1 compassion, direction, and correction to help us understand the animal we love to spend time with!

Rhonda W.

This group has been EXTREMELY helpful and insightful…absolutely no other trainer is offering sessions like this. Michael makes it so very easy to understand. This has changed my way of looking at how a horse thinks... I was over thinking everything…Michael is a horsemanship genius!

Dawn H.

I am so hooked!!! Please, please, please keep ‘em coing! This has been motivation I need to get out there and try. My horse and I are both learning so much. Without your help and instruction, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Thank you!!!

Candace P.

This has been incredible. NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS, and you’re revolutionizing the industry in how you’re reaching and helping people!

Brittany W.

I have learned so much from all of these amazing videos! I loved learning how to deal with my mares backing up problems. I love how Michael makes training our horses so much fun! I’m excited to get out on the trails and try what he has taught us out in the trails with our horses.

Debbie M.