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    We have 5 Morgan Horses. Bunny 21, my daughters horse. Truly a rocket and has really taught my daughter how to stay on. She acts like a fresh 3 year old. Goals with Bunny are to hopefully transition her to my sons horse, but we need to help her through her bucking fits, which may just be a personality conflict with my daughter.
    Rose 16, a brood mare, mother to two of our colts. She is buddy sour, but beyond that nothing much gets to her. Our Goals for Rose is to build her back muscles, and recover her from her current “mom” bod. I would like to help her thru the buddy sour issues so she is safe, even without Bunny.
    Royce coming 4. My grandmother won him in a raffle and gifted him to my daughter. We sent him To the trainer last year May – August, unfortunately he came home right about the start of fire season here and has sat. He is a good boy. But we need help gaining his respect and getting him to focus. He will throw fits around traffic under saddle in a pasture where he spends most of his days. He gives clear signals when he is about to balk and throw a fit, and I believe that we have taught him the bad habits he has. Our goals with Royce is to turn him into the safe, confident horse that he is underneath the teenage rebel he is.
    Dollar Bill, coming 3. He is set to go to the trainer this spring for some outside work. He is my husbands horse and has a beautiful bond with my mostly beginner husband. I know beginners and colts don’t mix, husband is riding Rose, and watching whatever he can on you tube. He grasps concepts well, and Dollar is very forgiving and trusting with him.
    Then there’s Carter James. He’s the baby baby, and so far can do nothing wrong. Currently he is listed for sale, but that could change.

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