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    Marti Jourden

    Greetings All,
    I have an 11 year old Missouri Fox Trotter who does not like trailer loading. I recently took him to a cattle Sorting Clinic in Texas. I hauled 2 horses to the clinic and he did not have a problem loading with the other horse. Once I dropped the other horse off (We spent the night at this ranch)and went to load him he refused to get in the trailer. I tried all the techniques I knew and nothing worked. I was so exhausted by my efforts that I really thought I was going to have to leave him in Texas (We live in Oklahoma) I finally got him in the trailer-he was soaked with sweat as was I.
    Once home I discovered Michael’s trailer loading video-16 minutes which changed my life. I have a 2 horse slant and did exactly how he recommended to trailer load. Wow! Major Tom did exactly what the horse in the video did twice, then got in the trailer. It seems silly to say that it was a big thrill but it was to me. I practice trailer loading monthly so the next time I just walked in like I was the most confident gal in the world and ole Tom went right in. Yahoo! Thank you Michael for creating that video.
    I love my membership and am looking forward to the clinic in 2021.
    Thrilled in Oklahoma

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