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    I’ve been around horse’s for 60 year’s and still learning.

    My current project is Micha a 10 yr gelding.I broke him 8 years ago had some bumps in the road but got thru those. But, 6 months ago I was going to sell him he was pushy and started showing he could bite. This horse needs a job. He doesn’t like not having anything to do.

    I found the “Challenge” on Facebook and you made me look really hard at this. So after 6 months I finally saddled him, he bucked so we started the Respect Series. He rode like a Cadillac.

    Micha had developed an issue with loading so the day of trailer loading I made my mind up. “You load, no games” It wasn’t pretty. He knocked the cr_p out of himself. After that he was so much softer leading.

    Can’t wait for this Journey to continue.

    Sue Kadel

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