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    Susan Kelly

    Hi! My name is Sue and I’m a 48yo mother of 2.
    After a 15yr break from riding I purchased Bobby. He is an 8yo, 17.1h, Thoroughbred gelding. He was sold yo me as a “bombproof gentle giant” of which he seemed to be.
    Unfortunately after bringing him home he had some trouble settling in and wanted to be boss. He bucked me off one day when he wanted to run with my neighbours horses and I broke my spine. Luckily that was 6 weeks ago and I have recovered and can start groundwork for now.
    Particularly interested in creating a respectful bond and by Mid November get back into the saddle with confidence.
    Bobby is a beautiful horse with a lot of spunk, energy and is very cheeky. He is lovely to ride, very sensitive and has enormous potential and I can’t wait to get your help with him.
    Thank you for having me on Team MG 😁

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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