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    Robert Pewitt

    Robert Pewitt Nashville TN. My horse’s name is Remy ( formerly Reggie) 10 year old buckskin Paso fino gelding. I spent two years researching and waiting to buy a horse until I met and fell in love with Reggie at a MG retreat! After riding him my face was actually sore from smiling. He is perfect for me since I am a newbie but he has a great MG foundation. Being my first horse I make mistakes and “ untrain” him. Once I realize I have taught him something I did not intend to,I watch the videos here and when I give the right instructions he snaps back with his MG boot camp training. We are currently working on controlled transitions since we both like to go fast. Going through the trail and gaited series since my long term goal would be to take him on a week long trip to the Bob Marshall wilderness in Montana ( I lived in Kalispell Montana for 3 years). Also want to improve my riding enough to go on an African safari by horse back. Remy is going to sit that one out and I am sure he is good with that😀. Very thankful for the entire Gascon family and team and the work they do that has improved the life of this rider and his horse. Largo for Life!

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