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    Beth Kiser

    Cascabel – bossy, territorial, jealous, kicks (put me in ER last saturday), bites, pees on people, all in all dangerous. HOT HOT HOT, nerves up real fast. When she does calm down she is a mountain goat on the trail. But mostly she is nerved up. But she gaits like a sewing machine…. and sometimes she is sorta nice.

    Rio – dreams about sleeping. Historically has been a lot more whoa than go but this summer its turned into backing me into trees and shrubs, threatening to buck (but I know that is too much energy for him), won’t turn right (this may be a mouth issue due to a bad dental a few years ago) in a bit but IF he is aggreable to begin with he’ll do it in a hackamore BUT the last time I rode him in a hackamore he was grass diving with attitude. He USED to be a pretty cool trail horse!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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