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    Victoria Querin

    Over a year ago I saw “Jimmy” on Facebook shared by Eva Marie Burkhardt as a kill pen horse at the Bastrop kill Pen in
    Bastrop, Louisiana. It showed a man riding him down a road and he seemed to be gaiting nicely so I paid 975 through PayPal. I drove 10 hours from San Antonio, Texas to Bastrop to pick him up. He was in a pasture close to the street the video showed him being ridden. He was sick with discharge. They were supposed to have Coggins papers but didn’t. It turns out he is considered sound by vets, farrier, and local trainer. But has attitude problems. I am 76 years old and have been riding horse since I was 8. I have trained my own horses throughout the years working around a husband who was non supportive of my love for horse. we divorced after 25 years of marriage but in between time I trained 4 different pleasure horses throughout the years. After our divorce in 91 I bought five acres and sometimes retrained or purchased trained horses. At the time I bought the Paso I was looking for a gaited horse for endurance riding since my TWH was getting older. I put the Paso now called Red out to pasture when I saw he needed extra training My TWH was killed by lightning in July so and I was forced to deal with Red. I have owned Peruvian and find hey have similar temperament. I do like this horse but I am disappointed basically because of my age and there are no Paso people close to me. I might also add. I have always been a rebel no matter what breed of horse. I have a standard of behavior I want from my horses. red has been nicely trained on the ground form then most part but someone messed him up. Also I hate the short tap dancing gait so many Paso people think is wonderful. It is a showoff gait as far as I am concerned. No useful purpose to it at all. I don’t know if Red collects that well but cbiropractor detected arthritis in neck associated with over collection. His problem is that he tenses up and starts rushing. He did not know he could walk. He is 15 years old. He is responding better and trusting me more and needs discipline.

    Ricardo Reyes

    Hello there👋.
    My name is Ricardo I think we are on the same Facebook forum Paso fino training help. I have an 18 year old mare who resembles your red. I have done my own training with her that comes from a quarter horse background and let me tell you this membership has been an eye opener. First and foremost was utilizing her sensitivity to my advantage with the other breeds of horses that is usually called disrespect lol But it seems like with a paso the pinned ears and moody faces are natural and something to get used to. That is the first thing I noticed watching a lot of the horse guru videos. If my quarter horses ever looked or acted that way towards me, It was a sign of an issue but with pasos it just is their sensitivity. I did the respect series all over again even though I have done much of that previously with her, this time I did it with a better understanding of how to handle the sensitivity and shockingly she passed to about 7th grade with no issues, with a little work that day we made it to 12th grade and two days later was that video I posted on Facebook. I suggest the respect series and then the gaited video from hot to cold. Cheers! And good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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