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    Patricia Bowden

    Well my 1st horse Ranger, I bought as an almost untouched yearling Arabian who is now a 30+ year old Gelding that is fat and happy in my front pasture thinking he’s the Man with my two mares. My husband (non-horse person) still rides him around the neighborhood. Gracie is my 17 year old Missouri Foxtrotter that is as near perfect as you can get. She was my rescue horse – eight years ago she rescued me after I had a bad experience from a QH that put me in the hospital. I had decided my days of riding where over, but all my friends kept riding past my house making me sad. Plus I had wanted to try a gaited horse because of a broken back 25 years ago (thank you Ranger) that really caused me a lot of pain when I rode. So I found Gracie a former show horse turned trail horse that had already been there and done that!!! She gave me the confidence to ride in Christmas Parades with marching bands and blaring fire trucks behind us. Swimming in Lake Harding, riding with week long Wagon Trains into downtown Montgomery AL and my favorite – going horse camping just me Gracie and a dog or two. Riding through woods and dirt roads by ourselves. Unfortunately it seems that she had an old injury that I didn’t know about that over the years became worse until she can no longer be ridden at all and is now also fat and happy with Ranger. Enter BeBe a seven year old somewhat high strung Paso Fino that is absolutely beautiful – BUT. She spent her first five years just being a pasture horse with her buddies and the next two years running up and down the NC mountains. Although her ground manners where wonderful it was like getting onto a rocket that was ready to launch when I tried to ride her, and boy could she whirl on a dime when spooked! So it took just a few months with me before it was decided that she would get to come to Gascon Horse training camp for 60 days! She’s still can be a handful and as I’ve found must he worked with almost every day, even if it’s just ground work. We are starting to ride a little by ourselves but neither are trusting or confident in each other. So we will continue to keep at it bit by bit and hopefully will get to the point where we can just relax and ride and not always be working. She does have an ultra smooth move down the road gait!

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