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    charlene Pendleton

    My mother and I are both going through this program together. We live in south georgia, currently have 3 paso fino mares we are putting through the grades. First is Saly a 15 year old pfha mare. Very hot and reactive. Second is Cookie a 15 year old pfha mare who is very calm and willing. Third is a 4 year old pfha mare who is willing but somewhat reactive. They have excelled in every aspect of the training so far. We have also worked several of the other horses randomly on the grades, including Carrie a 18 year old 1/2 paso fino 1/2 walking pony. Her mother Patty a 22 year old walking pony. Reno a 19 year old double registered Spotted Saddle Horse gelding. We also have a few pasture ornaments to include Spur a 30 year old pfha gelding. Franny a 27 year old pfha mare. Candy a 25 year old Quarab. And Mas a 28 year old pfha mare. We hope to grow and better our relationship and bond with our horses even more than we have. Absolutely love this program and wish we had joined sooner. We only trail ride our horses!

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