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    Judith Smith

    My name is Judith from Washington state and I have 2 mares.
    Jazz is 13 years old – Standardbred (I was told).
    I don’t know much about her back story. One day while walking around our property with my husband and daughter, my daughter suggested “Hey Mom, you could get a horse”. I have always loved horses from a child. We had a horse briefly when I was in 5th grade and we had horses with my ex-husband at the time and he was breeding and training for horse racing so none of them were really mine. Fast forward to 2 1/2 years ago and my current husband says, “yes, we could create space so you can have a horse”. So I started searching and found Jazz. She is a fast walker and mover, with energy and spooky at things, which we work through. I think she is gaited because I have felt her slip into that non-bouncy gait without me knowing what I did to get her to do it. My goal with Jazz is to help her relax, be more confident in me and herself, and learn how to ask for that standardbred gait (don’t know what to call it) and get her to maintain it.
    Belle is 5 years old – quarterhorse.
    My husband bought her in the hopes that we could trail ride together. We bought her from a lady who bred and raised her and trained by her dad. She is “broke” to ride but definitely could use more training, in my novice opinion. She has a very round barrel and trying to fit her for a saddle has been a challenge and as a result while my husband was riding one day I believe the saddle slipped and she did a little buck and off came my husband. He has not ridden her since. So my goal for Belle is to get her to the point that he would feel confident to ride her again and fill in any gaps in her training (the best I can). I have ridden her and she has never bucked me off although in the beginning of me riding her when I asked for a lope she would kick out or do a little buck. I would also like to work on building my confidence when riding her so she is confident in me as her leader.
    I am excited to start with a plan and structure to know what and when to do things.
    Thank you.

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