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    Linda Langford

    Midnight, 27 year old Missouri Foxtrotter (best horse in the whole world, IMHO), got her in a trade, and she is a horse that would take me anywhere on the trail, and let me run my dogs in field trials. She give kiddy rides at the company picnics. She still rides good, but she is retired from long strenuous trail rides. She is the ultimate boss-mare to other horses, but with me, she is quiet and respectful, loves grooming and spending time together.

    MelbaToast, 5 year old Singlefooter. I bought her at 3 days old because I loved her parents. She came to live with me at 4 months old, when her mother needed to have her separated for health reasons. I quickly learned how ill equipped I was to raise a horse, and thankfully we were assisted by awesome trainer Melanie Ruttledge Webb, who taught her trailer loading at 10 months, ground work at 18 months, and broke her at just over 2 years. We rode a few trail rides, initially, but Melba was put up for 3 few years to mature…(really it was because I didn’t know how to handle situations when she refused or got too wound up, and I was scared). Mel invited me to attend an MG Clinic in summer of 2019 at Sand Mountain Singlefooters (AL), and then we had a private retreat the week of New Years 2020. At the end of the retreat, Melba stayed for 30 days for Michael to work on her resistance and tune down the “RPM’s” in her head. Now, I have a horse that I can ride comfortably and safely on trails, and we are looking to find new challenges to improve our skills.

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