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    Brittany Ward

    My personal Horses:

    Skittles: 2 y/o bay miniature gelding

    Jellybean: 1 y/o bay miniature filly

    Gambit: 1 y/o bay Danish Warmblood colt

    (Somehow I unintentionally ended up with bays for days :D)

    I am very blessed to have the opportunity to work and live with all three of these horses. They are not my first horses, but they are the fulfillment of a lifelong dream: to have my own horses in my backyard. My overall goal for all three is to give them the richest life possible in every way, and continue to learn and grow together. Here is some more information and specific goals I have for each:

    Skittles is simply amazing. He was the start of so many firsts in a whole new world of horsemanship! He is so smart, willing, and eager to please that he makes it easy! He has taught me so much and is an amazing partner/best friend. In all the horses I’ve worked with over the years, I have never felt a bond like the one I have with him. I’ve done natural horsemanship training with him, trick training, liberty training, and classical dressage work. I literally try to teach him everything I can, and whenever I see something new he’s the first one I try it out on. Oh, and the Big First for Skittles: first (and only horse) that’s ever been inside my house…multiple times 🙂

    *GOALS: 1)work more on our liberty training so that we can do all of our movements at liberty 2)learn how to ground drive 3) finish learning the piaffe

    Jellybean is Skittles’s full sister and she is a sweet filly who is also a little firecracker! She has a very similar personality to Skittles, but definitely has a lot of her own opinions about things! I’ll be the first to admit that I always prefer geldings to mares, but she has a very special place in my heart. She is best friends with Skittles, and also had her start with natural horsemanship, tricks and some introduction liberty work. Once she matures a little bit more, we will start working on some of the classical dressage.

    *Goals: 1)reach a point where I can work both Skittles and her at liberty together (a huge longer term goal for both horses actually) 2)teach the lay down and sit

    Gambit is my newest baby, and a huge leap for me as a trainer. He is a very sweet and generally laid back horse, with a very honest disposition. He also seems to learn very quickly, and aims to please! I purchased him as an almost completely clean and unstarted slate intentionally to really test myself as a trainer and apply what I’ve learned (and what I am continuing to learn every day). To me, the opportunity to work with him and reach the goals I have set for him is the culmination of years of training with animals.

    * GOALS: 1) Take him through all of the Respect Series 2) Start liberty training with him 3) Start some trick training with him 4) BIGGEST GOAL is to take him under saddle, once he is mature enough and ready 😀

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