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    Harriet Hargrave

    I rescued 3 horses a year ago. Two geldings and a mare (finding out later that the mare was pregnant and this spring finding that the Rocky Mountain 25 year old is gelded in appearance but still a stud and has bred the mare again. Have not determined for sure if she is pregnant again. The baby I got last May looks exactly like him)
    One Rocky Mountain gelding (?) age 25 that I took home to give a good final retirement. He is extremely well trained but I was told could not be ridden. Now that I have him healthy and the heaves and gut problems are solved, he is sound and I want to refresh him so that my grandson can learn to ride on him.
    One Rocky Mountain mare – 17 or 18 years old – I was told she was never broke to ride, but she has the most beautiful natural gait when she runs with her baby. I would love to get her to a point where she could be ridden, or maybe driven.
    One MFT palomino gelding – trail horse – 18 yeaars old, stands 16.2, so very big. He is pushy and I have no control of his head, so I haven’t riden him but once when I felt I had no control. I brought him home to be my riding horse, and that is still. my goal, but until I discovered Michael, I fell into the thought that I would just take care of them with no riding enjoyment. Now I am excited that we my become partners and I can ride again.
    One Rocky Mountain filly – one year old – that has been handled from the day of birth. I have worked with her and she takes a halter easily, stands tied, lifts feet for farrier, leads, and will move her feet to gentle pressure. She is like a puppy and i dote on her, so know that I will have to start working with space issues. She like to lay her head on my shoulder.

    I am 68 and have loved horses all my life. I lived in Denver Colorado for 55 years and did quite a bit of mountain trail riding on rental horses. My daughter rode for Westernaires – a high speed drill team for kids – for several years and I was a wrangler. I took riding lessons from them, but realize the I didn’t learn much. My family and I sold everything and bought a 40 acre farm in Missouri so we could get out of the city, raise my grandson in the country, and I could fulfill my lifelong dream of owning horses. I regret that I had to wait so long, as I now have physical and heart issues that hinder my stamina and strength, but I am determined to ride the beautiful countryside around me no matter what age. I just need a lot of help and confidence building.

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