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    I own 6 Registered Haflinger Horses – I raised all but one of them.

    I recently just sold a 3 year old that my goal was to start under saddle using the grades. I succeeded and it was enough that someone took interest in buying him and continuing his training!!

    Bubbles – 14 year old mare: She gets anxious and high strung around larger groups and is terrible to ride for group rides. So I am using the grades to work on getting her to relax and slow down. She is also my heart horse so I just want to try everything with her and get more advanced, such as teaching her to spin, side pass, etc. She will be coming with me to the Retreat in December!!!

    Lady Gaga – 13 year old mare: Working on her bending, she is notorious for “boat” turns on switchback trails. She keeps her head strait out instead of turning it with the bend. She has already started improving. She is the main mount of a friend of mine, and the both will also be coming to the December Retreat!!

    Cas – 8 year old gelding: This horse tries about anything I ask. He is the go to horse for my beginner/amateur friends that want to ride due to being easy going and lazy. I have discovered that he can be spooky and lacks confidence. To go through scary situations or obstacles, he requires a good confident leader in the rider. I am working on building his confidence so that he is more willing for the beginner riders.

    Libby – 4 year old mare: Just getting her going good under saddle, I trained her to drive as a 3 year old and drove her to a cart all last summer. She just needs more life experiences and I am working on installing “buttons”.

    Mouse – 1 year old stallion: Just working on respect and desensitizing, working to keep the stallion behaviors under control.

    Lace – 1.5 month year old filly: Working on respect and desensitizing and handling. She knows how to tie, lead, and we have started working with her feet for trimming.

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