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    Beverly Berning

    Let’s start with Little Bit aka Momma.
    She is a 3 year old, 40″ inch miniature horse. She is very scared and spooky of people. She has a lot of try but is afraid we may eat her, I suppose.
    I would love to work on gaining her trust and building from there.
    Then I have Baby, she is 14 month old. She is nothing like her mother to be blunt she is a pest. She loves attention. My goal for at this time is teaching her respect, she has none.
    Then my Shadow. He is a 4 year old, gelding.
    He has a lot of history. He was raised to be part of a petting zoo and give small kids rides. Then he became a 4 H show horse. Currently he is one of my best friends.
    My goals for him is to teach him to pull a wagon.
    Last but not least…Pepper. He is a 20 year old, quarter horse. I don’t know a lot about his previous life except he was a kids horse.
    My son has riden him with no problems but he has no experience with riding horses so Pepper just took him where ever he wanted.
    My goal for Pepper is to give him a confident rider.

    I acquired all these horse because their owners no longer could care for them.
    These are my current goals but where I see them going is endless.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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