Meg’s Goals

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    Meg Hudson

    My Horse is named Caruso De La Luna (Caruso) and he is a Paso Fino. I got him when he was 5 and now he is 9.
    Not counting the time I tried him out at the breeder’s place, I’ve never had a ride on him.

    My goals for him are showing him, trail riding with him and driving him.

    What he has learned from me – to go in the trailer, to exit the trailer, cross tying, farrier, picking up his feet, brushing, spraying things around him, desensitizing with ropes flying around him, moving his rear away from me (both sides), moving his front away from me (both sides), lounging and changing direction when asked (both sides), flexing both sides. He is good at leading unless there are males (human or horse) present, then he often balks.

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