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    I have 7 horses at our farm…
    2 Quarter horses: Star (11) and Rebel (15)
    1 Rocky Mountain: Moka (7)
    2 Icelandics: Sleipnir (14) and Birtir (10)
    2 rescued Nurse Mare Foals (yearlings)

    My favorites to ride are the Icelandics! Love their gait and that they are low to the ground! I fell in love with them after a trip to Iceland a couple of years ago. I imported them both from there. I am starting to really like Moka, the Rocky Mountain mare …she was my daughters horse, but she moved away, and left her with me. I rescued the foals last year from Last Chance Corral. They are my 2nd “batch” of foals, and my last! Haha…they are sooo much work, but I enjoy them…Not really sure how long I will keep them, but want them to get a great foundation, to say the least. My goal is to get confident and connected with the Icelandics so that I can take them anywhere to ride/tolt and not be worried about getting hurt, etc. I am new to riding and have learned quickly that the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know! LOL!

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