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    I have two horses. Elvis is a TWH that is in his mid 20s, and Fia is a SSH that is 14 years old. I had leased horses, and when I decided to make the jump to horse ownership I saw Elvis for sale on Facebook. I went on a little road trip to see him, and try him out and he was the first horse I looked at. My friend went with me when I went to see him… and her first words after I rode him was “you’re not supposed to buy the first one you look at”… and just about that time, Elvis walked over to use at the fence and came right up to me… so I like to think he chose me. 🙂 He has a big heart and is pretty good about doing anything you ask. He does NOT like tarps, or rain ponchos! LOL.. however, I’m learning to work with him on this since the Horse Help Challenge.

    I have owned Fia approximately one year. I bought a second horse, when I found out Elvis was older than I thought. Also, I started doing more mountain riding and I didn’t want to hurt him with some of the more challenging trail rides we do. So I decided to buy a second horse. This time, my friends had Fia and were deciding to sell her. They told me she would make me a great horse. I didn’t really want a mare, but I knew my friends wouldn’t steer me wrong so I decided to try her out and boy am I glad I did. We have had our learning curves this year, but she is doing spectacular!! Her biggest issue is not wanting to back out of the trailer and I am working on her with that.

    Goals: Elvis needs to learn a little more respect. He recently did not do well with the tarp and desensitizing in motion… but I really need to work on him more with Kindergarten and First Grade. We trail ride, and my goals with him are just to have a great all around horse that isn’t afraid of anything (or if he is, he doesn’t freak out!) My short term goal for Fia is to eventually get her to back out of the trailer. I’d like to get them both to the point where we can side pass, etc.. and do obstacles with them. And my longer term goal for this year is to get at least one of them to play soccer with the giant ball!! 🙂 Oh, and I also want to get them desensitized to mounted shooting. A friend of mine and I are talking about doing a pack in trip to Pisgah National Forest for a week, and if there is any time I need to shoot from horseback, I want to make sure the horse doesn’t dump me at the feet of the bear or mountain lion! LOL

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