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    Beth Kiser

    Hi I’m Beth, my two (well I have 3, 1 is retired) Paso Finos are Rio 17 and Cascabel 18, I have had both since conception. We all had a great start! Over the years things have gone slowly sour with few bright spots. Now that I have time to give them, we have GOALS
    Cascabel – my goal is for her to stop trying to kill me, and to quit panicking over every little stinkin thing. She has hurt me 3 times in the past 5 weeks. Kicked my arm when she felt I was interfering with her hay, ran me down when she bolted at someone exiting a treeline, and most recently kicked me in the groin 5 days ago, I am WOKE UP now and sooooo done with the drama. R E S P E C T Find out what it means to me!
    Rio – move should mean move, not back me into a frikkin tree!!!! He used to be a fairly good trail horse, but lately has been super brat.
    One needs to chill, the other needs to stop being a slow grump.
    I’m glad I finally joined here, after I watched a few videos I know I have found help.

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