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    Jeff Droste

    Hey, Hey Team MG

    I have watched most of the videos and I think all I have left is in the Zoom section. I may be there for a while since a number of them are over an hour. In any event it would be nice to have a What’s New or Latest section that highlights anything new across any of the topic areas. That way I can be sure I have not missed anything as new content is added. Or maybe being able to filter out previously watched content, just some way to easily see what I haven’t seen.

    The filter option may address the other concern of needing to keep loading more to get down to the stuff I have not already watched. If that is not possible being able to load all video up front vs. the multiple load more buttons would be nice.

    Thanks so much for considering this suggestion.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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