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    Brittany Ward

    Hey! Just came up with some ideas I would love to see videos about or would love your input on! Some might be a little far fetched, but thought I’d throw them out there anyways! 🙂

    1) Intro to jumping. Introducing it on the ground vs. Undersaddle?

    2) Riding with a horse that is looking for contact, specifically any English riding videos you could offer would be great. Info on how to encourage contact and what it really means to be in the bridle line good way. Anything on how to judge what is good/appropriate with the horse vs. Too much where you are getting in their way as a rider.

    3) When/ how to transition from the halter to a bit. Some videos/pro tips would be great. How do you know when it is time?

    4) Classical dressage: piaffe and passage. (I’ve gotten stuck on this with my one horse, although I know he just needs more time). I know this is specialized, but this is something I never did as a hunter/jumper and would LOVE to see some of the flashy/fun/challenging stuff explored at some point and get you input! I think it’s cool stuff for anyone to explore in hand with their horse too, especially for the challenge of it!

    5) How to work 2 horses at liberty!

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