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    Estelle Nix

    I brought home a yearling filly yesterday putting her into the pen next to my 24 year old gelding ex stud Paso fino (14 years).
    Dumas (my gelding) got worked up So I removed him and work a bit on lowering his head, square dancing then took him out to groom. I returned him to his pen and fed him. This quieted him. As evening came on I checked him again lowering his head and opened the gate between the pens. The filly was laying down in her pen (50’x50’), she got up as he entered her pen, his head lowered. Then all hell broke loose! He was all over her with his mouth open dominating her as she ran and kicked. It looked as if Dumas was putting a beating on her. My husband entered the pen, that really frightened me! He separated them. I can see no marks on the filly, nor on Dumas but it looked like the filly was fighting for her life. Afterwards she had so much more respect for Dumas keeping to the opposite end of her pen, no more teasing him.

    I would like them to be pasture mates, we have cougars and coyotes. Dumas is usually such a pushover with mares, he allows his nanny goat companion to have her way at feeding time.

    I promised my husband I would ask advice before I allowed the two horses in together again. The new filly is wild and untouched except for being run through an auction house.

    PS husband has no marks on him either 🙂

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