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    Belinda Jones

    My name is Belinda I am a vet tech student graduating this month (may 2020) from my program. I have 3 Quarter Horse geldings and 1 miniature mare. The first QH gelding is a 13 y/o dun named Dreamer that I have had since his birth. I actually got his mama for free while I was in highschool and a few months later she started bagging up…her previous owner hadn’t realized she was bred so he was a surprise baby but has been one of he best horses I have ever had. My second gelding is Enzo, a 25 y/o one eyes boy (eye was removed due to a cyst last winter) that I picked up from auction a couple years ago. He is my kids horse and just amazing. Next is Huckleberry! A 5 y/o bay roan gelding who is currently in training with Michael…I bought him as a 3 y/o and he was very spooky but very kind and eager to learn. My sister and I did a lot of ground work with him and then I sent him to trainer #1, big mistake on my part long story short he came back skinny and still spooky and really not much different. Got him healthy sent him to trainer #2 that came with good recommendations….another long story short 45 days and lots of money later I was asked to come pick my horse up because he was “dangerous”. Mind you I know this gelding and he’s not. So I brought him home let him relax and started riding him a little myself. I learned about Michael through where I board now and I’m very glad he is there for training because he has so much potential. My miniature mare actually belongs to my oldest daughter (who is five years old). The mares name is Birdie, she is a 5 year old red roan pinto colored cute as a button and sweet little mini. My goals are to get the confidence back that I seem to have lost some of and to teach my gelding Dreamer some new fun things along the way.

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