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    Mary Knapp

    My name is Mary Knapp. I live in Sturtevant, WI. I’ve been around horses for 22 years. I started at 10 in 4-H. I was the barn rat kid. I clean stalls in exchange for ride time and rode whomever. Usually bareback and I still like to ride that way! I would say I’m intermediate horsewoman. Even as a kid I have always believed you can never know everything and I love seeing other trainers. I have ridden stock horses, ponies, some gaited but mainly Arabians have been my cup of tee. I’ve dappled in many different disciplines.

    My current horse is a grade 23 year old bay Arabian mare. She been with me since she was 9. I didn’t have her for 4 years and was able to buy her back so that she can eventually retire with my family. She still loves to go explore the trails and her 2 legged kids.

    My goal is to find a nice bareback pad for my old girl and get her nice soft and responsive to ride brideless/neck rope at all 3 gaits!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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