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    Hi my name is Karsyn Logan and I am 13 years old I have been riding horses since I was about 9. I have always since I started wanted to trick ride but never knew how to get lessons until recently. I am in the 7th grade going Into 8th this year I own 2 horses as of now. I’ve done a little bit of everything with horse I have barrel raced, pole bend, cut cows, sorted cows, trained horses and now getting into trick riding for my lifetime goal is to be a trick rider and train horses. When I’m not doing horses I’m at home sleeping about my horses, shopping for my horses, eating and watching criminal minds and trick riding YouTube videos. I’m wanting to go to college and get a business degree so I know how to manage a business one day. As I kid I danced and did cheer but quickly realized that wasn’t for me.

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