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    Debbie Mcdonald

    Horses have been a passion for me since an early age of 8 years. Friends horses and ponies during my childhood and later in life my own horses. After working very hard watching trainers, videos,
    reading everything horse training related and a few lessons, I showed and trained and showed halter, trail and western pleasure horses for myself and others placing in the top levels. Quarter horses, Appys and Arabians are the breeds I showed and later in life trained my Paso Finos for our enjoyment on the trail. After an auto accident three years age, my back was damaged to point I was unable to ride, but horses have been such a big part of my life, I had to try to ride again. Rosie, a quarter horse that raced in her early years, is now my partner that we are working towards making a team. We live in Florida on five acres.

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