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    Jacqueline Williams

    My name is Jackie Williams. I live in Murfreesboro TN, currently, but originally from Louisiana. I do not own horses at the moment, but plan on it within the next five years as well as have my own place to board and train. My family and I move due to my husband being active duty military. Owning horses while he is still in the Marine Corps would make moving more difficult than it is currently. My experience with horses goes back to my early childhood. My first memory of riding was when I was five years old. From that time, I would ride anything that anyone would let me. It didn’t matter if it were a donkey, mule, pony, or horse. If you needed it ridden, I would be the first in line. I would often get stuck with the horses that no one liked, but the upside was it made me a good rider. I didn’t have any formal “riding instructions” until I was 17. That was when I discovered this is what I wanted to do with my life; ride, teach, and train horses. However, going to college, marrying a Marine and starting a family changed that plan. It’s only been within the past year that I have been able to ride again and that I was introduced to MG. A guy at a ranch I worked, had a horse he boarded that was from MG’s place. And, I’ll be honest and it’s no fault but my own, I let the owner of the ranch influence me about MG without seeing his methods first. Let’s just say, this owner is not a huge fan. But after seeing MG at the Equine Expo in TN, all of that drastically changed. I know I may be a little dusty since I have a huge time gap since college and starting a family, but in all the years of following trainers and their methods, MG’s respect series is by far the easiest to follow and understand from a trainer’s perspective as well as get results the horse understands. I currently work with a few people with their own horses that reached out to me while I was at the ranch that have issues with either riding, or behavioral problems. I go out once a week and walk them through the series and then live them with homework. So far, they have had a great deal of success and are happy with their horses gain. As of right now, this will be what I continue to do until my husband retires and we have a forever home. Once we are settled, I plan on attending MG’s academy.

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