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    Lauren Johnson

    Where are you from?
    I’m originally from Warners New York (near Syracuse) but now I live in Bluemont Virginia with my husband, four horses, two cats and a crazy juggle

    -What is your current profession?
    I work as an eLearning Manager at an engineering association. I help engineers design online courses and create videos so they can help educate other engineers in the field. I can’t say it’s my dream job, but it’s helped me buy a small farm and given me the freedom (both schedule-wise and financially) to do more with my horses, so I’m grateful for that. If ya’ll ever need help with video editing hit me up!

    -What does your life with horses look like?
    I used to work as a trainer and riding instructor in New York – did it for 6 years. My family had trail horses growing up, and I started taking formal lessons around age 10. I started running barrels and gaming around 12, and then got into showing Quarter horses at 14. When I started college I helped manage a private boarding facility and taught lessons on the side. Then when I graduated I started working in Carmel New York at a country club as a stable manager. I did all aspects of horse care, training, exercising, teaching lessons, leading trail rides, coaching at horse shows. I got CHA certified as a Level 4 English Riding Instructor and Level 2 Western Instructor. It was a lot of fun but the schedule was grueling. I loved it but also didn’t have much of a life outside of that job for 4 years.

    Then I accepted a job offer to be an equine manager at a humane society – and I learned about a totally different side of the industry. I enjoyed that job too even though it was hard in other ways, learned a lot about rehabilitation and training a lot of tough horses. Then my husband got a job offer in northern Virginia, so we packed up and moved down here. I decided I wanted a break working as a professional, and now I just enjoy my horses. I have technically been an “amateur” now for nearly 3 years. I love trail riding, going to local shows, and I’m REALLY excited to show my new Morgan this year. Morgans are a new breed for me, and it’s so different than showing stock horses/hunters.

    -Any fun facts?
    Ten years ago if you asked me about rope halters or natural horsemanship I would have made a face and tuned out of the conversation. I did not like Parelli or any of the other trainers around during that time – just seemed like they were money-hungry trying to get you to buy their videos, carrots sticks, etc. They came off as elitist. I started to come around to using rope halters more at the humane society, but it’s not really until I started paying attention to MG that I really understood so many more things about training. He has changed the way I think about working with horses. The whole team and the philosophy is so down to earth, friendly, humble. I love it. It’s so clear and simple. I think it’s fantastic that he’s learned about all the disciplines and will work with any horse. I’m so happy I found out about him, his training methods inspire me. I love watching all of the training videos, and I can’t wait to keep learning.

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