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    Colleen McKay

    1. Shortie- QH 7yo: first horse I have owed. (SHOULDN’T have bought her, but oh well). Currently in training with Michael because she’s too spooky. Only had 60 days put on her before I bought her. Prior to that, was untouched. I have had her 2 years.
    2. Oakley- QH 8yo: bought her 1.5 years ago as I needed a reliable horse as Shortie wasn’t cutting it.
    3. Denver-QH 9yo: was given to me a year ago. He is my number one babysitter horse, has been in roughly 6 homes prior to me getting him.
    4. Brodie- MFT 15yo: unbroke. Given to me as a pair with Budrow from a client who didn’t want them. Owned 6 months
    5. Budrow- QH 20yo: old Chuck wagon horse. See story above.
    6. Hank- QH 11yo: supposed to be a boyfriend horse, but the boyfriend always steals Denver. Owned for 6 months.
    8. Minnie mouse- dwarfed mini 1yo: given to me. She’s 125lbs house pet..
    7. Popeye- QH 4 yo: won in a raffle. Have not picked up from current owner yet.

    Goals: #1 more respect for all of them. Otherwise, breaking Brodie to ride and working on Oakley and Hank’s attitude problems.

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