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    Ashley Litton

    Hi Team MG!
    I’m Ashley and my daughter is Lily she is 4. We each have the passion for horses and want to learn from MG! Lily loves Paw Patrol and since my horse was named Sky she named hers Chase and we call ourselves the Hoof Patrol! Sky is a registered 6 year old QH Grulla Mare. Sky was victim of a divorce and was left to rot and got super skinny and ended up in a traders hands. I lost my heart horse in August 2019 and got another who ended up killing all of my confidence to the point where I was terrified to even put a foot in the stirrup. I sold him and got Sky at Christmas 2019. I immediately put her into training for a full eval and tune up for 30 days. Since she’s been home she has helped me gain so much confidence that between her forgiving nature and MG’s help challenge for the first time ever I trotted in a wide open field and even attempted bridless. She is my everything. My goals for her is to perfect her training such as side pass, backing, desensitizing, collection, flexing etc… Her flaws are bathing and picking up the back feet. As we work through the respect series I hope that we can improve those flaws. Just in the little bit we’ve done she’s come a long way and I was just amazed at what she could already do! Because she passes the grades and helps me understand what I am watching from MG vs trying it first hand I have the confidence to train Chase.

    As many parents do we started with a mini pony for Lily which turned into a disaster. So instead of having something she would grow out of we found the perfect home for her mini and got her something she can grow into which is Chase. Chase is a grade 9 year old 15.2H Palomino Dun QH. Chase came from a stable that did guided trail rides and ended up with a good home from one of the workers there but she was able to get her heart horse back and needed to rehome him. Chase is the horse that makes you say he’s great BUT… so our goals with Chase are to fix the BUTs. He doesn’t load in a trailer, he is pushy and will literally walk all over you. He will also rear when asked to give to pressure. Passing Kindergarten and 1st grade has been quite the challenge, but for the first time we passed 2 days ago! I firmly believe the MG halter did the trick as well as me perfecting what MG is teaching in the videos. He’s a slow work in progress but at least progress is being made. We would absolutely love to send him to MG training so that he would come home more finished and ready for Lily but due to this virus and job limits we are unable to afford it so we hope that by watching these videos and the Zoom meetings we can achieve our goals.

    Between the two horses we have 1 perfect horse. What one fails the other passes. Example, Chase will accept the tarp openly no halter or anything. Sky on the other hand you have to halter her and show her it’s safe. Sky gives to pressure and loads perfectly where as Chase will rear and sit back.

    Our ultimate goal would be for Chase to give to pressure easily and be safe enough for Lily to ride alone (meaning not needing to be ponied by Sky). Lily’s ultimate goal is to ride him alone and ride in the 4th of July Parade and Christmas Parade.

    I Can honestly say that MG is the first trainer that has kept my attention. The videos aren’t boring lectures that you zone out of. MG and Kelsey do a great job of keeping us entertained and provide excellent topics that are truly working! I can’t wait to see how far we come as we progress through. The other great thing is that with all of the other big name trainers you access their sites and you don’t know where to start. With MG it’s simple K-12.

    So thank you Team MG! We are so excited to be on this journey with you!
    Ashley & Lily

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